5 Interesting Shopping Malls in Tokyo

People in Tokyo and all across Japan love shopping. In fact, Tokyo has one of the finest shopping malls where you can buy latest designer clothes and show them to your friends and neighbors. But shopping in Tokyo can be sometimes pricey. Tokyo is a one stop shop for all the fashion freaks and shopaholics. You will find merchandises spread over several floors of departmental stores to keep you busy throughout the day. However, stores are often expensive and the best time to invade switch places is during season sale. Tokyo is also a great hub for antiquities and priceless souvenirs. You can find range of affordable gifts, dresses and ceramics. For those who are looking for shopping and are gaining, Tokyo is a great experience. Not only shoppers but also families and friends can have a great time in Tokyo malls and shopping outlets. Let’s check out some of the coolest places to shop in Tokyo.

1. La Fete Tama Minami Osawa

The spacing is famous for shopping, walk around different restaurants and cafes. You may also watch a movie in a theater nearby. Variety includes sporting, fashion clothing, lifestyle stores, furniture etc. The mall is quite spacious and also has greenery inside to make the day more relaxing.

2. Grandberrry mall

The Grandberry mall is spread over a wide area and the mall itself boasts of one of the best mall in the country. It includes shops of all kinds such as merchandise outlets, pet stores, hairdressers, lifestyle stores, fashion shops and many more. The mall itself is divided into four different regions: one for families and friends, another serves as an outlet mall, third has a food court, and the fourth is a communication and entertainment zone.


3. Lala Port

Lala Port was opened to the general public in 1981. Since then has continued to grow and now houses more than 540 stores including international brands, fashion stops, and a movie theater. It is also one of the largest malls in Japan.

4. Premium Outlet Mall at Gotenba

Premium outlet mall is less expensive and more expansive. On a clear day you can also see Mount Fuji from this mall. You will find all types of fashion whether traditional or branded. It also has a huge food court to quench all your thirst and fill your stomach. It probably is one of their favorites of all children as it also has a wide playing field for kids. This mall is usually wrong very crowded especially during the holidays and sales.

5. Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma

Mitsui Outlet Park has over 200 store out of which when hit the stores are exclusive outlets. The main thing you’ll find out here is fashion and related accessories. There’s also a food court, adjacent restaurants and cafes. Additional facilities like baby cart are also available.

Image Source: http://bartman905.wordpress.com/2010/03/21/grandberry-mall/